Inoah Raincape Poncho in 'Let It Rain' (OS)

Inoah Raincape Poncho in 'Let It Rain'
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  • Item #: IN-R100-RAIN
  • Manufacturer: Inoah

A one-size lightweight rain cape with two buttons, a hood, and a white branded carry pouch. The sides are open except for magnets that hold the two edges together on each side. The pattern is a painting of women with umbrellas and a cityscape. On the underside, there is a different pattern with some colorful graffiti (see photo).

Fabric content: 100% polyester. 

Colors: Taupe, olive, green, red, blue, lime, and yellow.

Made in USA.

Measurements One Size
Length 32"
Pouch length
Pouch width

Note: with the drawstring on the longer edge of the pouch, it may not close completely.

Counts as two items in shipping with the carry pouch (an extra $1).

All sales are final on CLEARANCE items.

  • Care instructions:
  • Machine Washable--cold water delicate cycle:
  • Hang dry:
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