Inoah Raincape Poncho in 'Colonize Mars' (OS)

Inoah Raincape Poncho in 'Colonize Mars'
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  • Item #: In-R100-MARS
  • Manufacturer: Inoah

A one-size lightweight rain cape with two buttons, a hood, and a white branded carry pouch. The sides are open except for magnets that hold the two edges together on each side. The pattern is an abstract pattern with some calligraphy. On the underside, there is a different pattern which is colorful graffiti (see photo).

Fabric content: 100% polyester. 

Colors: White background with bright primaries and black.

Made in USA.

Measurements One Size
Length 32"
Pouch length
Pouch width

Note: with the drawstring on the longer edge of the pouch, it may not close completely.

Counts as two items in shipping with the carry pouch (an extra $1).

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  • Care instructions:
  • Machine Washable--cold water delicate cycle:
  • Hang dry:
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