Dilemma Silk Kandinsky-Inspired Big Shirt

Dilemma Silk Kandinsky-Inspired Big Shirt
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  • Item #: DL-SNBSC-212
  • Manufacturer: Dilemma

A one-size handpainted button shirt with a mandarin collar. The covered placket hides five buttons. The mandarin collar has one visible button. The sleeves have wide one button cuffs which can be worn down or turned up (shown both ways in photo). The sleeves are cut from the same pieces of fabric as the body, meaning there are no sleeve seams around the armholes. The abstract pattern is inspired by artist Wassily Kandinsky. Fabric: 100% silk, smooth and lightweight.  Colors: Purple, lavender, teal, pink, magenta, lime, green, yellow, orange, red, indigo, and black. Made in India. 


Length: 31½ inches.

Bust: 54 inches.

Hem circumference: 54 inches.

Sleeves (not turned up): approximately 14 inches. It's approximate due to the lack of a shoulder seam.

Sleeve circumference: 18 inches.


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