Dilemma Pollock-Inspired Jacket w/Scarf

Dilemma Pollock-Inspired Jacket w/Scarf
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  • Item #: DL-NJ812-POLL
  • Manufacturer: Dilemma

A one-size short open front jacket with a matching narrow scarf. The sides come to long points. The abstract pattern is inspired by artist Jackson Pollock. All of the edges are overstitched, with the stitches widely spaced.  Fabric: Dilemma calls this "art silk" which is usually a blend that includes rayon and/or polyester. It's a coarse-feeling semi-sheer chiffon. Colors: Shades of blue with green, rust, orange, and pink. Made in India.


Bust: 60 inches. The open front gives this some leeway.

Length: 27-10 inches.

Sleeve length: approx. 11½ inches, but will hang lower because of the wide shoulders. 

Sleeve circumference: 18 inches. 

Scarf: Length: 74 inches.  Width: 11½ inches.

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