3Potato Pocket Tunic in Grey Color Wash

3Potato Pocket Tunic in Grey Color Wash
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  • Item #: 3P-B2P4-GRY
  • Manufacturer: 3Potato

A pullover top with long sleeves and two front pockets. The neckline and hem are purposely distressed with raw edges and a second underlayer of solid black fabric. The sleeves are formed from the same fabric as the body, so there are no seams around the armholes. Each piece is unique, so please check the photos for the different sizes.

Fabric: 80% viscose, 15% polyester, 5% spandex; stretchy and smooth.  

Colors: A background of varying shades of grey with color washes of subdued primaries and teal.

Made in China.

Measurements XS/S   S/M M/L
length 29-31" 29-32" 29-33"
bust 48" 50" 52"
hem circumference  62"  64" 66"
Sleeve length 16" 18" 19"
Sleeve circumference 10" 11" 12"

Counts as two items in shipping (an extra $1).

  • Care instructions:
  • Machine Washable--cold water delicate cycle:
  • Air dry in shade:
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